Hardware Acceleration in Robotics

Hardware Acceleration in Robotics

Yocto, ROS 2, and Hardware Acceleration: A Production-Grade Trio for Robotics

Hardware Acceleration in Robotics
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Yocto allows you to build a customized Linux system for your use case, providing unmatched granularity at the cost of complexity.

At its core, hardware acceleration involves designing custom compute architectures to improve robot's computing performance.

By designing custom acceleration kernels, robots can achieve faster response times.

This becomes even more potent with embedded FPGAs and GPUs.

As robotics applications continue to evolve and demand more from their operating environments, tools like meta-ros will undoubtedly become indispensable.

The ROS community, with its rich history of collaboration and innovation, is well poised to lead the charge, ensuring that robotics solutions are both cutting-edge and reliable.

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